Fish, dogs and an angler

     The entire world makes sense to the angler who is standing in water. It is then, the balance of nature overtakes all thoughts and feelings. These moments are best illustrated by Zac Sexton, as he travels to angling destinations, often in the company of his dogs Ariell and Chetco. Fish Whispering stories unfold as Sexton takes a deeper look in to the habitats and organisms found while fishing. 

     Sexton caught his first fish at age 3, and had his first job working in a fishing store at age 16. He surveyed streams for the US Forest Service, and several state agencies through college -- all six years of it! Afterward, he discovered he had amazing stories to tell. These stories are told in each Fish Whispering episode, and entwine the science of R1/R4 hydrology surveys, and the spirituality of one who nearly died stream side. Every experience matters and is an opportunity to learn how, as anglers, we can catch fish, but also appreciate the world we are a part of.